Facing problem in question bank functionality

Jun 18, 2014


I am facing a strange problem in storyline question bank functionality.

My structural requirement is:

1. There are 100 questions in 6 different question banks.

2. Out of 100, randomly 50 questions are to be desplayed.

3. I have added custom timer using Javascript.

4. There is question counter added in master slide which works with help of 2 triggers and one variable.

Now the problem is,

There is no issue in displaying 50 questions out of 100, but when it jumps from 1 question bank to next, number in qustion counter gets skiped.

To give an example, question bank 1 has 4 questions to display, counter works fine till 4/50; but when next queston bank starts after showing 4 questions from previous, counter desplayes 6/50 instead of 5/50.

It happens with every question bank, so ultimately my counter shows 55/50 questions at the end of quiz.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Parashuram,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd counter behavior with your variable - and I think it's something we'll need to see how you've set up your triggers on that slide masters and if there are any other triggers on the question banks themselves which could be adding an extra number. Can you share the .story file with us - or even a stripped down version with two question banks and a few questions if the behavior persists? 

Christine Hendrickson

HI Parashuram,

I attempted to look at your project yesterday, but due to the fact that it contains JavaScript, I'm afraid I cannot help. 

If you're able to remove the JavaScript from the project file and share it again, I'd be happy to take a look. 

If not, I'd recommend posting a new thread and requesting assistance from our community JavaScript experts - just be sure to include "JavaScript" in the thread title. 


Steve Flowers

Hi Parashuram - 

One thing you'll find with Storyline is sometimes triggers will execute twice when attached to a next button. There is no rhyme or reason to why. But what you might try is placing your trigger in what I call a "function object". This is an object with the default state of hidden. 

When the timeline starts (of your hidden object) execute your trigger

When the timeline starts (of your hidden object) hide your object

From your button, you'd show this object and it would execute the trigger and quickly hide the object. This should abstract the trigger away from the button and avoid the dreaded doubletap where the trigger would execute on the current slide and THEN execute again on the next slide.

You might consider doing the same thing with your JavaScript trigger. Attaching it to a function object. 

"Function objects" are super handy. Especially if you have a stack of things you want to execute more than once on cue within a slide. You could do similar with a layer. but objects are more portable between slides. 

Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Steve,

I discussed the solution you suggested, with the person assisting me in Javascript (I am just Graphic designer )

He will take look and update me later, But right now what I can try is the thing you mentioned about hidden objects I will update you you in sometime whether it works or not.

Thanks for your time.

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