Failed to Import Powerpoint from Office 365 for Mac

Jun 27, 2019

I am just on the 14 day trial for storyline 3.  I would like to import slides from powerpoint and am getting the 'failed to import' message.  I have gone through the info page that this connects to and:

1. made sure the 1 slide in storyline is same orientation/size as my powerpoint presentation.

2. updated the service packs for powerpoint

3. re-saved the file and imported new file

I have gotten the same message.

I am using Powerpoint 2016, for Office 365 for Mac.  There is no remaining ideas for possible reasons in this article.

The main thing that occurs to me is that it cannot import powerpoint slides except from Office for PC's, is this the case?  If not, any other ideas?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Grace,

I'm glad you reached out as it sounds like you're stuck after going through some of the steps outlined in this article. Not to worry - we're here to help!
You mentioned working on a Mac with Powerpoint for Mac. Since Storyline is a desktop program compatible with Windows, your first step will be installing a Windows-based version of Office to access the Powerpoint import function. Reference Storyline's system requirements to ensure all programs are compatible. 
Once you have that installed in the Windows environment, you can follow the steps to import your PowerPoint. Here is a quick tutorial! You should see your PowerPoint displayed in Story View as newly created Storyline slides.

If you have any issues, you know where to find us!

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