"Fake" result slide for LMS to be completed / passed?

Oct 15, 2015

I have a course with many learning path options, depending on the role of a user. Let's say User 1 should have look at Scenes A, B and C because he is a Line Manager. User 2 should have a look at Scene B, C and D, because he is an Employee. Both may (but it's not mandatory) have a look on either B resp. A or D too if they want.

How can I tell the LMS that the course is completed or passed? I cannot say it's passend when x of y slides have been viewed because it depends on the user's role.

What I could do is: The course is completed / passed, when the user started the last slide (e.g. "summary").

But how can I pass this state through to the LMS?

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Chris Cole

Hi Erik -

Set up the Summary slide as a question slide, with a Pick One question slide. Have the Pick One shape be a button or image et cetera that the learner has to click on to finish the lesson. On screen instructions could be something like "Click the Finish button to complete this lesson and be marked as Complete." When they click the button, they will have "passed" a quiz, so to speak, without knowing it was a quiz.

Add a Results slide as your final screen. The learner will have scored 100% (since there was only the one "correct" button to click on the previous slide). Hide the score if you want and just have a message like  "Congratulations You're Done" .

Then use the Track Using Quiz Result option in the Reporting and Tracking options and use the "score" on the Results page to mark completion.




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