I am in need of a feature upgrade for AS360. As a course creator, I would love to have the ability to sort and organize triggers so that I can track where I am when building custom interactions. Think of how one can color code and/or organize individual layers in Adobe Photoshop. It helps a designer to know exactly what is going on, especially when bunching "like triggers" together for one element/command (see below).

Also, it would be nice if (like Adobe Photoshop layers for instance) that AS360 "packages" the individual trigger with a box around it so a designer could  "see" it better, vs. it looking like "open text" lined up and stacked over the other (see below).

This would be a tremendous help. Thanks

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Tameka J. Harris

Wow! Thank you so very much. I really, really, appreciate your forwarding this feature. I believe this will not only help me but designers everywhere--and no other software will have this feature like Articulate Storyline! It will be sure to set it above the rest. Thanks again.


Ashley Terwilliger

I can certainly understand that Tameka - and so I'll get it in front of the people who make those type of decisions and design our products. Thanks again for sharing, and let us know if you need anything else. Also, always feel free to share here in ELH, but you can also send them along using the form here.