Feature request: Groups names

Jan 06, 2023

In the past i never used groups. Since Articulate updated it to easily add new elements to it, i love them. Accessibility is always important, and as i often use the acc-names for selectors, i searched for a new approach. Groups offer that as they all have a className of 'group'. I do like they all have the same name, as that makes it easy to select all of them on a slide.

What i would really like though... the option to add custom names when grouping them... as you can see in this Storyline added and in the Review here...
i add classnames by Javascript and then are able to animate any part of the groups without issues. If we could add names in Storyline when creating groups... well then all of this would be available right away.
On my LinkedIn a video showing this is available.

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John Morgan

Hi Math,

Currently, as you know, custom names for grouped items aren't available. The best way to possibly see a feature added is to submit a feature request. You can submit one here. If the request makes it onto our feature roadmap, we’ll make sure to update you in this conversation!

Thanks for your thoughts on this!