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Mar 06, 2019


As I am working on a large-scale course in Storyline I am dealing with a lot of bullet lists. Sometimes, as slide progresses, it's nice to build the list dynamically along with narration, however, it's often the case where we expand on a single bullet for a while, and at that point, it's best to clear the screen and add visual assets to help the learning. then we come back to the list and keep building it.

that's where it becomes convoluted because it forces me to duplicate the bullets that were there before, and add new bullets. It's a really clumsy way of doing things. I tried to work with Layers to make bullet lists more accessible but it doesn't work so well because of timeline issues.

It would be nice if bullet lists (since they are so useful in slides) can receive some dedicated triggers or a 'wizard' approach so we can design them better and faster.

What do you think?


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ethan,

I like the idea of better control over bullets and so that is definitely a "+1" request from me.

In the interim, although you've tried layers, have you also looked at lightbox slides?  This might provide a solution that you are happy with for the time being, without screwing up your timelines. Worth a look if you haven't already been there.

Eitan Teomi

I don't have time to create a video of this, but the concept/need is very simple:

  • The slide is 60 seconds long.
  • There is a 10 point bullet list that builds up throughout the slide. The bullet list builds on the left side of the screen
  • Bullet 4 is very elaborate and the list disappears for 10-15 seconds so more screen real estate is available to elaborate and the learner focuses on a specific concept.
  • Now, in order to bring the list showing the fifth bullet I am forced to recreate all the elements from scratch and place them onto the slide, even though all I really need is to bring it back and add the 5th bullet.

Rethinking this - I guess I could add a Cue to the timeline and change the state of the bullets to 'hidden' until I want to reveal them again (with a second Cue), but the issue around what I'm illustrating is really more fundamental - it's the fact that each layer in the timeline is not able to handle more than one element. Even if it's a duplicate of the same element.

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