Feeback choices in Storyline Quiz


I am working on a quiz, with unlimited attempts and the author wants to have these choices when the person answers:

1.       Correct – I can do that! There is either audio or text to confirm their choice, I can do that too...

2.       Try again – so this is what happens when they get it totally wrong and again there is text or audio - there are 2 wrong choices both with different feedback text

3.       Partially right – so they aren’t really wrong so they need to try again but the feedback text is different again

The question has 4 answers, with 2 of them being correct, I chose multiple response graded  - the author also included additional choices - A & B or C & D so it could be choose all that apply or just the choice of the 2 that are right (A&B).

I figured out how to add another layer to the feedback so I could have a "partially right" choice but then am stumped on how to send folks there if they choose the partially right answer and not sure if I need it. Very new to Storyline, figure getting them to the right spot would involve a trigger but can't figure it out!

Hope this makes sense, any help much appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jane,

Certain question set ups such as multiple choice allow for feedback by choice, which would allow you to provide different feedback but then there wouldn't be multiple attempts. If you're looking at setting up the multiple feedback and attempts, you'll want to look at using the states associated with the radio or check buttons and using those to determine what layer to show. 

if you've got a set up started you're welcome to share the .story file here so that we could take a look and weigh in on other options. 

Jane Smart

Thanks so much Ashley!

I will start to look at states to see if I can figure this out. In the meantime I have taken you up on your offer to have a look at the file - I created a story with only the quiz questions, including the slides I created and the original PowerPoint as well.