Feedback layers: Can I play base layer with FB box showing?

Mar 02, 2018

Module has 10 questions from a quiz bank.

Users clicks on yellow circle to hear heart murmur.  Can pause and replay.

User then selects the correct condition. 

When Incorrect FB box shows, user can click on yellow circles on base layer to hear sound again, but feedback box disappears.  So, I added the four circles in the Incorrect layer.  Works, except the four sounds play over each other.  I don't have controls. 

Help!  Is there an easier way to keep the incorrect feedback box showing if user clicks on the yellow circles on the base layer?  Thanks!

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Lisa Ferris

Well, actually, the audio files on the Incorrect feedback layer were playing over each other. I had turned off the base layer.

So what I did was to add a trigger to each audio file, "Stop media when user clicks outside..." and that seemed to prevent them from overlapping sounds. I was surprised that they played over each other, even though I had them as a button set. Make sense? So for the time being, this is fixed, though I'm betting there was an easier, more elegant way to do the whole thing :)

Thanks very much,

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