Feedback layers don't match what I have set in the feedback master

Feb 11, 2021

For my Correct feedback layers, the header text should be white and body text should be black. That's how I set up the FB master. But it shows up with a black header and white body text:

For my Try Again and Incorrect layers, I want all text to be black, but again, that's not how it shows up. It's all white.

What is going on here? (Please note that in the attached file, I manually edited the FB layers for Question 5 to be the way I wanted them. The other two question slides display the default behaviour.)





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Luiza Quinto

Hi, Heather! Thanks for a thorough explanation of your concern and for the story file that you attached. They were extremely helpful in spotting the root cause of the font color mismatch.

I noticed that your course's slide background is dark while your feedback masters slide's is white. It appears that this background change affects the font colors, thus, your observation above.

To fix this, replicate the design theme in the feedback masters slide. This guide enumerates the steps in doing this.

  • Background: Black
  • Header of the "correct" layer: White
  • Body of the "correct" layer: Black
  • Header and body of the "incorrect" and "try again" layers: Black

If you wish to know more about the behavior of the design theme, check this out.

Don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you in any way. I'll be glad to collaborate with you. Cheers!