Feedback Master inheritance problem (text color)

Nov 29, 2018

Background: Using Storyline 360. In the 'Modern' set of Feedback Masters, I changed the color of the "Click to edit Master title style" text in the correct Feedback Master layout (not the parent master). The intent was to make it a unique color (different from the parent).

Problem: I changed my mind about using a unique color. But now, when I change the color of the parent slide's text, the layout text color in the child layout slide remains the same. It no longer inherits the parent's color. How do I force a layout slide's text to again accept inheritance? (Note that this problem appears to affect only text, not the buttons.)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

The Correct feedback layer has a green color by default, and the main slide master has a darker almost black font color. If you change the layer color, you'll want to change it there again if you need it to match the parent. As you'll see each of the layouts for the Feedback slide master all have their own corresponding colors so it's not controlled by the parent. 

Mark Swanson

I'm sorry, but I'm not following you. I'm looking at Storyline 360 'Modern' feedback slides, which do not have any color. I don't see any green layers (even though the User Guide shows a green correct slide, which must be what you're thinking about).

But, I'm also confused by your statement about inheritance. Even the User Guide page "Using Feedback Masters" says this: "Each layout inherits all the properties of its parent feedback master..."

See attached images as proof of this relationship (before and after).

Are you referring to something else?

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