Feedback Master not applying to Feedback Layers


I'm attempting to use the Feedback Master, but the Feedback Layers don't seem to be inheriting the properties.  I've tried applying the layout after modifying the Feedback Master, but what appears on the layer is not what appers in the layout or the master.  The colors and font are different.  I would appreciate any advice on utlizing the Feedback Master.



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Katherine Murphy

Hmmm, nowhere in this feedback do you go to the Feedback Master?  I am trying to figure out how to customize the feedback TEXT, and I would assume it would be through the Feedback Master, but apparently not?  What is the point of the Feedback Master?  I have a 100 question quiz.   Do I need to go into each and every Correct and Incorrect Feedback Layer on each and every slide and enter my French Correct Response and my French Incorrect Response?  Yikes...

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katherine and Jennifer! Sorry if I misunderstood the original question.

Jennifer -- you mentioned "colors and font are different" in the quiz slide feedback layers and the Feedback Master, so I addressed what I saw specifically for colors and font in my video explanation. If you are seeing other differences, could you share a screenshot or a Peek screen recording of what you see?

Katherine -- There's an easy way to change the text on all feedback layers at one time. Check out this video, and let me know if that answers your question!