Feedback Master showing in error on ALL slide layers

Jan 03, 2014


I've imported my Storyline into a new clean storyline and the Feedback Master grey box shows on EVERY layer, whenever there is a layer (see below).  I can remove it by deleting all the grey box  in the Feedback Master, but then I lose it from slides where I actually need feedback.

I also have two sets of identical Feedback Master slides for some reason. This could be contributing to the error perhaps?  I can't seem to delete the extra slide master, although it hasn't helped when I delete the grey box from the second slide master.  Any advice?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Danielle,

That sounds really weird. Hard to say what's going on without taking a look. It almost sounds like your slides ares based on quiz slides.

If you go to a layer and right-click, does the menu show that SL is using one of the Feedback layouts, like Correct or Incorrect? I imagined you could change this to blank, but not sure why it's happening in the first place.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Danielle,

As Becky mentioned you'll want to check that you didn't apply those layers to your slide by mistake. Also, you mentioned importing it from another Storyline file, and I'm curious if this behavior existed on the original file as well? Some elements you'll want to check into that could cause odd Storyline behavior include:

Danielle Wallace

I"ve tried re-starting and re-importing the file and it has the same problem.  I tried doing this on numerous versions.  I think I need the Articulate support now.  They are amazing and hopefully have some insights!  It's as if the Design Theme is off.  I noticed that the grey box is showing in the design theme now and it didn't use to. Yet the grey boxes still appear when I change the theme.  Perhaps it's something with themes that's off.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Danielle,

I see that you submitted a case and John replied with the following:

I downloaded your file and I was able to see the behavior your described. Somehow your layers are all using the thank you feedback layer for their layout but when I created a new layer, the new layer does not use the thank you feedback layer for its layout and has no gray box. Is it possible that you duplicated your slides from a slide that uses the thank you feedback layer? 

The solution would be to delete the gray box from the main feedback slide master but to copy over the gray box to the other child feedback slide layers that would need the box like the correct and incorrect feedback layers.

It looks like he updated your file and sent you a new copy. If you continue to have problems, please feel free to let us know here or reply to John's last email from

Julia Soto Alvarez

I am having the same problem. I first created my course and then the test questions, in which I edited the layer of the feedback master. Now, suddenly, all the layers of the other scenes in the course have the feedback master template. When trying to change the layout, in only allows me to select the feedback templates of the Feedback Master, and it doesn't show the regular templates that I had in my Slide master (since the rest of the course was created before the test and before the feedback master was edited, I can confirm that I did not duplicate my slides from a slide that used the feedback layer). 

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