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Oct 31, 2013


I am battling with my feedback slides!

With some questions Articulate chooses to use the totally white feedback masterslide, so the text is projected in the middle but without the grey square around it. How can I make it pick another feedback slide?

Looking foward to the solution, thank you very much for your effort!



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Marijke,

So, do you have more than 1 Feedback Master set up? If so, on one of your quiz slides, click on the Feedback layer that you want to change, e.g., the Correct Layer. Then right-click on the slide or offstage and select Layout from the shortcut menu.

That should display a dialog box like this one. From here you an select the desired layout. In this example, you can see layouts from the default feedback master and from a custom feedback master (blue background).

Please shout out with any questions.

Rory Lavender

Related question, I think. I've tried every way I can think of to 'force' Storyline to use my preferred Feedback Masters as defaults for all slides. I am using different colors for Correct, Incorrect, and Try Again. I am recording extensive computer simulations in Try Mode, and would prefer not having to change each feedback layer manually, either by choosing a different layout or simply using Format Painter. Thanks to another thread, I did figure out how to add a 'button' to the Feedback Master slides, but I may not use it since I then have to get it it behave like a button. It may just be easier to use Format Painter here as well. So before, I try any more machinations to make this work, is there any way to get this type of default to work? I don't think so, but I wanted to make sure I had not overlooked some marvelous short cut! I do realize one color would be easier, but I love challenges! Thanks, as always, for any help you can offer.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rory and Kevin,

So, Rory, it sounds like you don't want to have to manually select the layouts, which is how I'd answered the October post.

I don't think there's a way to get SL to use custom layouts as a default; instead, I think you have to customize the SL default, which sounds backwards.

So, what I've done is to
Insert a new slide master, which SL "calls" Custom Design Slide Master
And I right-click to be sure Preserve Master is on...because I want to keep SLs original layout and design just in case.
Then, I customize the default master, which SL "calls" Clean Slide Master.

So, in your case and for the attached example, I inserted a green rectangle for the correct layer, red for incorrect, and blue for try again. I also hid the default rectangle on the very top master...but you wouldn't necessarily need or want to do that.

Interestingly, and I hadn't noticed this before, SL has now renamed this Custom Design Slide Master...I promise you it started out saying Clean Slide Master!

Anyway, these layouts have automatically been applied to both quizzes. BTW, I actually needed to have a quiz slide in SL for some reason to get this to work.

Please shout out with any questions!

Rory Lavender

I think you have created my solution! And yes, that quiz slide is critical. I kept wondering why I was seeing different feedback master results and it was because some of my attempts included a quiz slide and some did not. I had not quite figured that out until I saw your last comment.

Now, when I import a computer simulation recording, all the feedback boxes are using the correct colors! Thanks again!

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