Feedback Master Template - Custom button state not applying the change in text.

Jun 22, 2023

In edit feedback master templates - I have added a custom state of the 'continue button' where I would like the button text to differ from the built in states to read 'quiz results'.

(I have also changed the Aa text label of the 'continue' button for the quiz feedback layers to say 'next question')

Now when I apply the layout to a current question response layer, or create a new question, the added state option shows, but without the custom text 'quiz results'. It still shows 'next question'.

I can of course manually change the text for the custom state at each questions response layers, however, would prefer to avoid this repetitive task, if possible, by utilising the feedback master templates.

Any ideas?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Alison,

Thanks for reaching out!

I can confirm that I was able to observe the same behavior, as it appears that the button text overrides whatever text is written in custom feedback layers for the buttons. So far, I've tried: 

  • Adding a text box on top of the default button with the 'Next Quiz' text written over the text
  • Adding a shape with the 'Next Quiz' text that covers the default button

None of these worked to replace the default appearance of the button on the custom state. I opened a support case on your behalf so we can have a support engineer take a closer look at the behavior. You're in good hands, and someone from the team will be in touch shortly via email!

Jose Tansengco

Hi Alision, 

After further checking, I can confirm that we are tracking a known bug where Editing States on Feedback Master Doesn't Change States on a Feedback Layer. Our apologies for the inconvenience. I've added this community post to the bug report so we can notify you as soon as a fix is released.