Customize Feedback Master automatic progression to next slide

Dec 14, 2013

I would like students to see a feedback slide that lasts only 2 seconds and then continues to the next question without them having to click on a continue button.

I have tried to create a custom feedback master where I've dragged all the preset placesetters, text-boxes, and continue button off the slide. (I've also tried deleting them all as well). I've set the timeline to 2 seconds, and I've added a trigger to jump to next slide when the timeline ends. Those properties didn't inherit to the success or failure slides. So, I did the same for those 2 layouts.

When I select my custom feedback master for my quiz slides, the timeline is set back to 5 seconds. A default trigger for the continue button is added, and my own master triggers to jump to next slide when timeline ends, are gone.

The only benefit I'm getting right now from using a feedback master is that the pictures and 'good' and 'bad' captions I've added to my custom feedback layouts are showing up. 

Can you customize the timeline is a custom feedback master?

Can you set a trigger to jump to next slide when timeline ends in a custom feedback master?

My lessons are for beginning ESL students. Many of them have little experience using a mouse. I don't want them to have to click 'Continue' every time. 

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Bruce Sahud

Wow! Thank you! Yes, that worked for me too. (Just setting the timeline for the slide to 2 sec and a trigger to jump to next slide when the slide's timeline ends, didn't for some reason.) Adding an object offscreen with a trigger to jump to next slide when the object's timeline starts at 2 secs did work.

Very good workaround. I hope the added code for the placeholder and continue button, etc, doesn't add to much weight when uploaded to my website. Seems like articulate could make this easier. I think it's natural to assume that if you set the master feedback slide to a 2 sec timeline, that property should be inherited to its layouts.

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