Removing Continue button from Feedback Master

Mar 23, 2015

I am trying to remove the Continue button from the Correct Feedback layout of my Feedback Master, so that when a user clicks the correct spot on a screen in the Test mode of a screen recorded interaction, it shows a brief confirmation check mark next to the correct clicked itemĀ and then immediately moves on to the next step.

In my feedback master, there is no button placeholder anywhere on the master or on the Correct feedback layout... only on the Try Again and Incorrect layouts. However, when I generated the Test mode from the screen recording, it dumped in Continue buttons on the Correct Feedback layer anyway! It is tedious work to then go in and delete them manually from 60+ slides and then add in the correct "jump to next slide when timeline ends" trigger.

For the life of me, I can't understand why my custom correct feedback layers are not populating according to the master. I know it is pulling from the correct layout because other customer elements I have incorporated into that layout are appearing as intended. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong and how I can keep the Continue button off my correct feedback layers?

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Monique Donahue

This gets me halfway to solving my problem, thank you!

The only issue I am still facing is that I want the things that would normally happen when a user clicks the continue button (hide correct feedback layer and jump to next slide) to instead happen automatically when the timeline ends. I have put the appropriate triggers for this on the correct feedback master, but they are not appearing in my slides so I am having to manually add them on each individual question's correct feedback layer.

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