Storyline Feedback Buttons - how to?

May 23, 2013

I'm trying to create a Storyline template that has feedback master slides.

I'm familiar with how to create master slides, etc. but the feedback masters are tripping me up.  Here's where I'm at:

  1. I create a master layout without a button
  2. I use that layout and then a giant INCORRECT or CORRECT text box is automatically on screen and a button is there but not in the style or location I need it.
  3. I have to delete that text box every time and add the style to the button and move it...everytime.

or I have this:

  1. I create the master layout with a button.
  2. I use that layout and then a giant INCORRECT or CORRECT text box is automatically on screen and a button is there but not in the style or location I need it.  PLUS the button I made is there.
  3. I delete the giant INCORRECT or CORRECT text box and the button that automatically appeared.
  4. I use my button and when I test it, the hover state text automatically shrinks to a size that I don't want.
  5. I check the states of that button on my feedback master and all the text is the same size, but when I preview it the hover state text shrinks.

Any of this make sense...very confused.

How do I get a button on the master that keeps the states the way I set them.

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Denise Simao

I reviewed the video and it does not help fix what I'm seeing.  When I hover over my custom button, created just like the video shows, it still enlarges my font on hover.  The one thing this video doesn't go in to is changing the font size or color.  When I change the font size/color, even if i "edit states" and edit individiually, I still can't get it to look right unless I leave the button as is, which I want to change the font size as it's tooooo large!  Any clue?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Denise,

Are the font changes custom in states, or does it seem like it's pulling from somewhere else?

Having a little trouble picturing how they're changing. 

Have you tried using the Format Painter to ensure the same formatting is applying to all states?

If you still have trouble, please share your project's .STORY file here. I'd be happy to try and take a look at what's happening. 


megan jonas

Hi All, I am having the same glitch with my custom feedback continue button showing something different than what I programmed it to do on Hover & Down state.

I created a custom feedback master and on the master slide, created a custom continue button following the video referenced here. I did not change text color, text size or font type between states. This glitch shows up in both preview mode as well as the published files.

Here is a screen cap showing the Edit States window inside my project.

Here is a screen cap showing the custom feedback button Normal state.

Here is the same button on the Hover state. You can see it doesn't match what shows in the States Editor.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Megan and welcome to Heroes! 

It looks like the font size in the actual button is smaller than the original normal state, is that the change you're referring to? Are you able to share that .story file with us here so we could take a look at how all the elements are set up and see the behavior ourselves? Even a sample file/mocked up version that exhibits the same behavior will help. 

megan jonas

Thanks Ashley,

Attaching bare-bones version of my project. I really appreciate you taking a look.

Yep - smaller text size on hover. Also I placed an example of the same button on a blank slide outside of the feedback master and it works fine. I only see the glitch when I place the button into the feedback master.

In fact when I pull the button back out of the feedback master, it has no states at all?

Hope this might solve a glitch. Thanks again~!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Megan,

I took a look at your file and saw what you were saying about the button. I fiddled with it a bit, but it was actually quicker to create a new button and see if it would work, which the one in the attached does seem to do.

I used the Format Painter to copy the formatting onto the new button. Then I moved your button offstage, and added the triggers (hide layer, jump to next slide) to the new button. Your button can be deleted, but I left it offstage for you.

I'd imagine you can do the same thing in your actual project.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Megan,

Thanks for sharing your file here with us, and I'm glad Rebecca was able to help you out with your file and update the button. I also took a look at your file, and was just playing around with the font size for the hover state of the continue button. I changed it first to something larger (like 32 font size) to see if it would still shrink, and then I changed it back to the original 18 size. Once I did that, it worked as expected and didn't get smaller. This leads me to believe there was an error within the file itself, so you'll want to make sure you're following the guidelines here to work on local project files as described here. 

megan jonas

Thanks Rebecca, Thanks Ashley!

I was able to grab Rebecca's button and it operates perfect. Although this project is on my local drive - it is synced to a DropBox folder.

There was another project I did last year. I had captions with hover states and if I re-sized the caption in anyway, the hover states didn't match. But only the little triangle thingy would be larger or smaller. Rebecca's file uses a button and mine was a caption. Don't know if that means anything.

Thanks again, I didn't have to recreate this button with images. Cool!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Megan,

I know a lot of users who sync to a dropbox folder, which is typically a local install and they seem to not be running into similar problems. If it continues happening, I'd test it out with one file by working completely on your local drive. In regards to the button vs. caption, I don't think that would make a difference as when I was looking at your file, I could change the font size (back to the original 18) and it behaved then as expected. 

Robert Lengacher

Hi everyone,

I recently figured out an alternate method for creating custom feedback buttons that works much better for me. Here's a video that explains the steps.

A couple of notes on what worked best for me:

  • I had to customize the feedback master first - Trying to customize a feedback master that is already used by items in the project causes issues. When I tried to customize a master that had already been used. The regular old gray button would appear as normal instead of being transparent with a super small font.
  • I always customize a clean feedback master - Although my team has used a Feedback Master saved with our custom design and this solution with no problems. It just needs to be a clean build when first being constructed.
  • Make changes to the button font size, fill transparency, and line transparency on the Feedback Master, then use the format painter to make the same changes to the button placeholders on the layouts under the master.
  • This solution is obviously best for rectangular buttons 
  • The hover state on the button is not great
  • It's not pixel perfect. The tiny text of the default button may be visible to an observant user, but it's really not that bad.


  • All customization of the buttons is handled on the Feedback master - no need to paste items or add triggers on the try again layer.
  • No need to move the button placeholder off the screen on the side
Michael Shannon

I must say this has been one of the most maddening issues for me that I think I've faced with Storyline thus far. Specifically, customizing the feedback buttons.

I tried Brian's hack as outlined in his Screener and couldn't get the custom button to hide the layer when clicked.

I then tried Robert's suggestion, and while it showed promise, there still remains a border which kills the static image I was using for a button (flat UI). Just for the record, I did start from a brand new Storyline file. If someone has figured this out and successfully implemented it then please let me know your steps.

What I need is to

  • use a static image as a button
  • not have the default button show anywhere on the page
  • all three feedback layers work as expected (correct, incorrect, try again)

I've attached my test file for your perusal.

Robert Lengacher

Hey MIchael,

I just looked at your story file, and it looks like you are using Brian's approach. So a couple of important things to remember. Even though you've created a custom button on your feedback master, when it shows up on an actual feedback layer, the "button" is really just an image that you can't interact with. The auto-generated button is what the hide layer and jump to next slide triggers are actually connected too, but you have moved it off the screen.

The only way to get total control is to build a new button on the actual feedback layer, to manually add the triggers, and to copy and paste it onto every other feedback layer, which sort of defeats the point of using the feedback master.

Using my approach, as long as the custom button has the same dimensions as the now transparent auto-generated button, the border is barely noticeable until you click it.

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