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Stratbeans C

Feedback could also explain why that particular answer is wrong or right, in case that makes sense. E.g. you can say lend out a clue like "you are close"  or  "you are way way off".

E.g. if the correct answer is 15 and the trainee has written 20, you can popup 'You are close". But if its say 250 then it says "You are way off".

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Taylor,

You could set this up using layers and triggers  to show the layer with the condition that the particular value of the numeric entry variable falls in a range of your choosing. Since you've got a number of possible entries on the slide I'd suggest creating a range of what you'd consider close, way off, etc. - maybe close is within 20 points whereas way off is within 50+ points? 

You'll also want to look at how and when you want to show the information to the user - when they click submit? When the information has been entered and they move on to the next one?