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Jul 15, 2020

Thanks in advance - this forum has been so helpful!

We have created the attached work style assessment tool using custom built drop down boxes for numeric entry.  There is an error lightbox slide if the user tries to use the same number twice for the question.  If the user leaves an entry blank, the course doesn't know what to do and locks up.  We've tried to set conditions to activate the same error slide if the users leaves a blank entry but since the numeric entry is blank (my understanding is that an empty numeric default entry is really NaN (not a number) instead of a default numeric value.  Looking for ideas.

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Dave Cox

Hi LaRue,

That's an interesting problem.

I'm not sure why, but your NumericEntery variables don't appear to be initializing properly. They should never be NaN, since they are set to a default value of 0 But for some reason, if you don't intentionally set them with a value, they are starting out as a Null value, which is what is causing the NaN error that you see.

The solution though is fairly easy. When you assign the variable to your named numerical variables, just make sure that the value is greater than or equal to zero before you make the assignment. I've added the modifications to slide 1 for you.



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