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Josh Uhlig

"By Choice" is not an option when working with a multiple response question since you can have so many combinations of responses.  For example, if you give 4 choices, there are 16 different ways you can answer.  You could try to accomplish what you want with variables, layers, and triggers, but it will likely get complicated.

Keep in mind, the default feedback options assume you mark your answers and then click submit.  It would then display the appropriate feedback.  So in a multiple response case where you had 4 options, and 2 were correct - you might choose 1 right answer and 2 wrong answers, or 1 right and 1 wrong, or 2 wrong answers, etc...  How would it know which feedback to choose in each case?

Zhenyu He

Hi, Josh
Thats a good point. I just started to use Storyline for 2 weeks. So I dont know what the solution for developing this slide to make it in a user-friendly way. The instructional designer set up two right answers and two wrong answers in this particular slide. Based on the answers the learner picks, the appropriate feedback will be provided to each separate answer.
What are your recommendations? Thank you!

Josh Uhlig

I believe you would need to create your own feedback layers triggered by a user clicking on a specific answer.  So if the answer is a matter of clicking a checkbox, upon making that click, it would show a layer with appropriate feedback.  If done this way, the user would click the submit button after they have already received feedback.  They would also have the ability to change their answer to the correct choices before clicking submit and moving on.  I'm not sure if this is what you want.