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Mar 25, 2013


Is there anyway that after the user has filled out a typical "their choice" form (ive just inserted radio and check buttons as the form), that the user can click submit and have a feedback page which shows what they selected from the form? (reason for this is to show the user that they have read again what they chose and see theyve made the right choice) it can just be a mirror copy of there selection..i just want them to review there choice.

any ideas?


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Emma England

wow thats brilliant Showmimo, just how i want it.. i love that it can be done..but i still need your help as it isnt a form people type in, its a form you use by clicking one radial button out of a few..then get the feedback like youve that still possible in your template youve sent?

ive attached the form layout i was talknig about..any help very much appreciated!


Helen Tyson

Hi Emma,

You can set triggers on the buttons to adjust the variable so, for example, if you click button 1 it assigns the variable a value of "xxx" but if you click button 2 it assigns a value of "yyy".  You then insert a reference to the variable on whichever slide you want to display the responses.

I've done a very quick slide here to show you the triggers.

Hope it helps


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