Feedback text in form view is not flowing into the feedaback master layout?

Aug 14, 2020

I bet this has an easy answer, but I can't figure it out! 

I'm working on a quiz template that we can use for future projects. I've made some new feedback master layouts and want the feedback that is typed into the "form" view of the quiz question to flow into my feedback layout. doesn't. What am I missing? 

Here is the form view, with some "test" feedback

Form View (nothing crazy here)


Then when I put it in slide view, see how it dances off to the left? It SHOULD go to the "Incorrect" text in the box. But I can't figure out how to do so. 

What the heck?


I've attached my file in case that is helpful. 

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Dave Cox

Hi Greg,

The first thing that I noticed, is you have too many layers on that slide, and they are not named correctly. I set feedback on the slide off and back on to reset the layers.

Next, I went to your feedback masters and deleted the placeholders you had added to those masters. I then copied the feedback text boxes from working master layers, and adjusted them to the space. This copies the special coding that those text boxes need.

Finally, I went back to the slides, and updated the slide to use the updated feedback layers. To do this, I right-clicked on each feedback layer and selected Apply layout. This updates the feedback layer from the master. 


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