Fighting with "mouse hover" feature and "Hidden" states

What is happening with this slide? I've tried adding additional triggers prompting Storyline to make the second layer visible, but it just won't take. :( Any ideas? Slide attached.

Goal: when user hovers over Brian in base layer, "Click on screen" layer shows. Brian and text bubble in base layer will then hide so that learner can see computer screen, but Brian in "Click on screen" layer and text bubble will show. Learner should still be able to click on computer screen, and learner should be able to navigate back to base layer and see original Brian and text bubble. My way of approaching that was with putting the hotspot on the "Click on screen" layer.

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Urica Floyd

First, delete all the triggers that you have on both the base slide and the layer. Copy everything that you have on the "Click on Screen" slide layer and paste it to the hover state on Brian on the base slide. Then rolling over Brian acts just like a hover show the "Click on Screen" information.

If you want the user to land on that state then put a hotspot on the hover layer. So when the user is in hover and they click on it, it will go to whatever next slide you choose for the hover layer.

I've update your file to show my suggestion.

Jazzmine O

Thank you, Urica! I hear you on the triggers being too complicated and competing with one another. I looked at your example (thank you!), and it's closer to what I was looking for. Hotspots are a great idea, so I'm going to try that out. I didn't want the base layer to stay since it covers up the screen that the learners are supposed to click on, so I think the hovering thing won't work, but I also didn't want learners to hover over Brian accidentally, and then get stuck on that second layer.

Here's what I ended up doing to fix it! (I also attached the revised "testy" example so you can see the fix if you want.)

Key take-aways:

*Create a layer for something you don't want the learner to rest on--don't put it in the base layer (?)

*You can't have two hover states right over each other. They cancel each other out.

*Don't know if this is accurate, but I think deselecting "restore on mouse leave" when editing triggers for the hover actions made a difference too. When I left them selected, I ended up with the possibility of my learners getting stuck in a black hole where the base layer was shown, but not the other two layers.

Thank you so much, Urica! Your feedback and example helped A LOT! :)