Mar 17, 2015

I create basic fiil-in-the-blank quize. I wrote four answers acceptable answers but only 2 correct of them.

my quize:

Acceptable answers:

Toowomba is not a big city

toowoomba is not a big city

toowoomba isn’t a big city  

Toowoomba isn’t a big city


Correct answers are 1.and 2. answers.  Why are "isn't" answers incorrect?




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Emily Ruby

Hello Erdem,

If you use fill-in-the-blank or text-entry questions with answers that require apostrophes, you may find that the questions are always marked incorrect—even when learners correctly enter answers with apostrophes.

This is a known issue. It'll be fixed in a forthcoming software update for Articulate Storyline. Enable theCheck for updates at startup feature to be notified when new updates are available.

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