File becomes corrupted after inserting a .mov file

I have created a learning module using Articulate Storyline 3.  Everything works fine until I add a .mov file.  It will save but then when I try to reopen the file it indicates "either this file was created using an earlier version of Articulate or the file is corrupt."  I used Storyline 3 to create and open the file so it must be a corrupted file.  I have recreated the module a second time and the same thing happens.  Please advise

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Becca Levan

Hi Laura!

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry you're experiencing some trouble. When you mention updates made to the file after inserting the .mov file, do you mean to the Storyline project or the .mov file?  

Is it possible to share the files with us in a support case so one of our support engineers can lend a hand? We'd be happy to troubleshoot!

Laura Douglas

Hi Becca thanks for reaching out - we opened a case immediately, sadly they were not really able to salvage much of anything. bottom line - the .mov file corrupted our storyline file.  (Not sure if it was, or an animation codec, or the overall size of the file which, unbeknownst to us was 2.5GB- a short 30 second file straight export from after effects - (a miscommunication on multiple parties and the wrong file was grabbed and inserted)  All of the above probably contributed - But Storyline should not have let us insert the file in there first place or there should have been a warning.  I post because I am certain there are other out there who may also be experiencing a corrupt story file and don't know why.  

Here is what is odd - Working on the computer desktop: We created the project file - inserted the .mov file and published the project - the project sits on the Articulate Review site now - We received comments and made updates to the course - made the revisions but wanted to let it sit - so we closed the course.  Upon attempting to reopen the course - we receive an error message saying the file is corrupt or created with an earlier version of Articulate.  Earlier version is NOT possible - but sure we are game to try to back up a version if it means opening up the file - no luck - we even tried updating to a later version incase a newer version would open it - no luck.  We did however have an older version of the story project file (one without the video file inserted - although at this point we did not know that was the culprit) and it was opening at least we were NOT beginning from scratch.  And then - bam - soon that file was corrupt too...We thought it was possible Dropbox was corrupting the file as it seems to be after we would post a copy to dropbox that it seems to go bad - but that was circumstantial.  That is when we realized the connect between the story file corrupting and the insertion of the video file (which is NOT corrupt - just large and specific codec - that file type and size clearly does not play nice with Storyline.  

A long tale to hopefully help others against inserting larger files in their Storyline projects and reflect - if they do have a corrupt file to consider - did I insert a .mov file in my story project file?  if so - that might be why.  and finally to alert the awesome staff at Articulate of this potential problem and see if there is some way they could insert a prevention or warning against inserting large video files or files of certain compression types.   You folks are tremendous!  And we appreciate all the support you give us!