File contains corrupted data - Where is Autorecovery File in SL2?

Dec 18, 2014

Hello everyone.

I have a small 10 slide course  I created and then went back and was adding audio into it - I normally save after each slide - I completed about the 5th slide - started the 6th slide - then I tried to save and got an error :

The Project file could not be saved.

File contains corrupted data.

I saved it about 15 mins prior to getting this error.

At this point - I ended up just closing the file - re-opening and again - was not able to save it at all. (slide 5 & 6 had no audio when I reopened)

I then opened a new file - did an import and all the slides imported except for slide 6.  It was gone.  I had to completely re-create it.

Slide 5 was missing was also missing the audio - I assume this is because I did not save after that slide was complete.

Yes - I am following the articulate guideline - running it local etc...

So a few questions.

1. where is the autorecovery file?  I have it set to save every 10 mins.  where does it save to?  I know at least 15 mins passed from the point I imported the audio for slide 5 and I ran into the save issue I would assume the point of the autorecovery would be to auto-recover, ie slide 5 should have audio.

2. what steps can I do to prevent getting this random error?  The next course I have to do is 50 slides.  Its complete - I just have to add and time the audio - the last thing I want to do is run into this issue and have to keep importing.

Any help is very much appreciated.



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Emily Ruby

Hello Rob!

The auto saved file will just be the normal file. It will open to when it was last saved, either by you, or by the auto feature. If you do get this error again, could you send any information along to our support team? There is currently a know issue with saving files, and they are actively seeking a resolution to this error.

Rob Verzera

Sure - no problem.  1 last question.  I an now saving a lot more often for obvious reasons.  I would like to be able to save at some point - then copy the .story file to have as a backup for when the issue happens again.  I cant copy it while its in use - is there any type of setting to have that auto save save the file w/ a different extension?  It seems that if you get that error - that file gets saved at that point - but in a corrupted state - so the only option is to import that file - but like I stated - info is missing in the course at that point.

So the autosave feature is useless in this situation.

A simple autosave as story.bak would be fantastic.


Emily Ruby

You could try doing a "save as" from time to time, to have a second file. Then just reopen the file name you had been previously working on.

It is a good idea to import the file into a new file when you get an error like this. When files aren't working as expected importing is one of the steps we recommend before preforming the repair of Storyline.


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