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I have been having issues with storyline file being corrupted when video is added. I have been rendering video files out of After Effects. Some video formats seem to work some of the time and others corrupt Storyline. Specifically some renders in AVI format corrupt whereas Quicktime versions seem to work. I have been testing this with video files with no elements (blank video). Are there any known issues related to this. If so, what are they, thanks

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Rena Maguire

I am also having an issue with a corrupt file, and interestingly, I have been adding videos to it from After Effects as well! After I added the video files, and closed it, I couldn't reopen it. I restored an earlier version, added the videos again (and made some other changes), then closed it and couldn't reopen it (corrupt error message). Now I don't even have an earlier version to restore it to! Very annoying. I hope you get a response soon.

Becca Levan

Hello John & Rena,

Thank you both for reaching out, and I'm sorry to hear you're running into some corruption errors!

Only MP4 videos are natively supported in Storyline 360. Other formats, such as AVI files, will be converted to MP4 upon import.

I'd recommend connecting with our support team as the next step, so they can take a deeper look and provide guidance!

Cara Beck

Hello all, over the past month I've worked on several Storyline courses with multiple videos (range of 1 to 16 videos). The Storyline file and the videos were saved on my desktop while I was actively working on them. The video files were .mp4. I will begin working on a new project today that is also very video heavy. I've reviewed the article covering tips to reduce risk of corrupting. Are there any other tips or advice you might give for avoiding this corruption issue, specifically for courses with video files?

 Through testing, I did notice that I don't seem to have the same corruption issue when videos are embedded; the real trouble occurs when videos are inserted into the slide(s).


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cara,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your questions. I'm not clear what behavior or error you are experiencing that leads you to inquire about corruption.

  • Can you share the error you are experiencing?
  • Is this happening while you are creating your project or once it's published?

You have the best tips for preventing corruption. You mention embedding vs. videos inserted into the slides, so I'm unclear if you're using files or website videos:

  • How are you adding the videos to your course?

If you'd prefer to work directly with our support team, please share your project file privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.