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Jul 18, 2017

Hi there,

I have a quiz that includes many fill in the blanks. In total, the quiz is about 12 questions long with nearly 50 fill in the blanks. We need to test users on how much they know. Even if they don't get all the blanks filled in, I'd like to give them the option to fill in what they can, leave some blank if they wish, and for their final submission to be graded on how many they get right and to reveal what all the correct answers are. I can separate the 12 questions among a few slides. They don't all have to be on one. I'm struggling with which type of quiz to use. I've watched many tutorials and tried to emulate Jeanette's pick-one where she disguised a fill-in-the-blank quiz with pick one. Here is a screenshot of what I'm working with. I haven't seen a discussion yet where they are this many fill in the blanks on one quiz so I'd like feedback on which type of quiz to use in Articulate. 

Any help or feedback would be appreciated.




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennifer

Have you thought about having the quiz as a drag and drop where they select the words and drop them into the spaces - you can add in distractor words if you wanted to - might be easier to manage.

Just looking at the image there are 43 blanks to be completed - that would be a lot to manage when you might have to account for possible spelling / case variations.

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