Multiple Fill in the Blank questions in one slide Scoring

Jun 19, 2014


Using an old post on how to include multiple fill in the blank questions in one slide using the Freeform question Pick One, I created a question with four blanks to fill out. I would like to assign a score distribution to each blank of four that will allow the user for instance to score a 30 if he/she fills three out of the four blanks correctly, 20 if he/she fills out two of the four, 10 if he/she only has filled out one correctly etc...

Is this possible?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Faye,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your file!

I reviewed the setup and you were on the right track here. I made a couple of changes to complete the interaction: 

  • When I checked Form view, it looks like the Correct and Incorrect buttons weren't added as an answer. I added those choices so Storyline knows what the correct answer is. 

After adding those choices, the interaction appeared to be working for me. I am adding an updated file to my comment, so please let us know if you are not seeing the same results. 

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