Fill-in-the-blank question review not showing correct answer

Jun 14, 2012

I have a 5 question quiz, each question is a fill-in-the-blank type.  The number of correct answers range from 3 to 5 per question.  I have turn on quiz review but for the review only 2 questions show the list of correct answers, the other 3 questions just show a list of check marks (equal to the number of correct answers) but not the actual answers.  Any thought on a fix?

Also is there a way to change where the correct answers are displayed?

Thanks for any suggests,

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Jim Sweezie

The question set with the problem is in scene 5 - Action Verbs.  In the review questions 11 and 13 show the correct answers while questions 12, 14 & 15 just show check marks.  It appears the default position for the list of correct answers is under the text entry field - can that location be altered?

As a work around I have removed the review and put the correct answer on the feedback layers.

Peter Anderson

Hi Florence,

The position of the correct answers list in the “Review” mode is apparently hard-coded (in other words, it is consistently positioned to appear on the left). This is why if the Text Entry is situated in the center or right area, the text for correct answers do not show up. Unfortunately, the Review Mode is currently not customizable. If you have a minute, please submit a feature request via the form below: 

A workaround would be to move all Text Entry boxes to the left, so the list appears in the Review Mode. Hope that's helpful!

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