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Sep 17, 2020

Dear Community,

I´m a "new one" in Articulate and I´ve got a problem.
Usually I work with ispring and there is a cool feature in a survey,
that calls "select from list".
There I can use different drop-down answers in one survey.

In Articulate I don´t find a way to solve my problem.
I´ve build a phone with a message-block a I would like to have different selections (as drop down) to choose the right answer.

Any creative idea?

best and thanks in advanced,





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Ned Whiteley

Hi Oliver,

The link here will take you to a YouTube video that explains a method you can use to create a drop-down list in Storyline. It will probably require a fair amount of work, but it should enable you to achieve what you are after. As far as using it for a quiz question, you should be able to check the value of variables to determine if the user has answered correctly or not.

Hope this helps.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Oliver,

I decided to take up the challenge and in the attached example I have a solution that could enable you to track the answer for the Phone Question.

What I have done is to create an additional question in the quiz which holds the result of your Phone Quiz question. All you need to do is to use the selections made in the Phone Quiz question to set a variable to True or False, depending on whether the user answered correctly or not. That variable is then used to "automatically" answer the official Phone Question that the Results Slide sees.

From the user's perspective, they never really see the extra question as it is on screen for only 0.25 second and all the text is hidden behind a white rectangle, but that is long enough to allow the Results Slide to record the answer.

Have a look at what I've done and if you have any questions just get back to me. Hopefully this will give you something you can work with. Note that I have removed the Review Quiz button from the Results slide as it doesn't work well with this set up.

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