Filter quiz questions by variable

Dec 20, 2021

Hi all,

I have a question bank with 17 questions in it, and I need to select 10 specific questions from it depending on a variable (that is 10 specific questions if the variable is true, and a different set of 10 questions if it is false).

Currently, I have implemented this as two separate scenes (scenes 12 and 13), with logic to direct the user to the correct scene based on the variable, each with a draw from the question bank (with the required questions selected) and a results slide. However, the results shown by my results slide are incorrect - I believe the result slide in scene 12 is showing results from the quiz in scene 13.

What is the simplest method to change the selection of questions from a question bank based upon a variable?

Thanks, Trevor

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Trevor!

Great question! I understand that you're hoping to control the path of the learner using a variable. If you're noticing the Results Slide isn't correct, it might be tracking the wrong variable. Also, is the Results Slide tracking all questions or only the viewed questions

Can you share the .story file so we can see what you've created so far? You can attach it to this reply or upload it privately in a support case.