Final Feedback results

Apr 30, 2021

We have some conditions we must have in our feedback for the final assessment.

  • Feedback must show after the assessment is complete
  • User must receive a passing score in order to view the feedback
  • Feedback conditionally shows correct or incorrect

I found I can show correct or incorrect, but only as an immediate feedback when a user answers the current question. Storyline does have its own way of showing correct/incorrect in a bar at the bottom of the review layer, but I would like to change the styling of that. How would I go about changing that styling? I looked around the feedback master, but cannot find where that asset can be modified.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Anthony,

Unfortunately, you can't re-style the correct/incorrect bars that appear during a quiz Review. 

You can, however, cover those bars with an object in the Review layer.

FYI: Storyline will automatically create that layer when you enter something in the Post-quiz review field when looking at a question slide in Form View. 

After Storyline creates the Review layer, you can delete or edit the default text box, and you can add other objects as desired.