Final Test Results - Can never get 100%

I've read every other post on this subject but am unable to find the problem with my quiz. There are 15 questions, all are single answer or multiple answers, all get 10 points for correct answer and zero points for incorrect. All questions are included in shuffle, being drawn randomly. Answers to questions are shuffled.

My highest score so far when answering all of them correctly is 93.33%. I am testing this locally and on a non-LMS server after publishing. The results screen is using the standard code of %Results.ScorePercent%%

Losing my hair with each attempt. Can anyone shed some light on what I could possibly be doing wrong? Thanks.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Richard

if you can share the .story file it will be easier for someone to try and help you solve this.  Just use the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post to upload it.  

If you can't upload it the 93.33% represents 14/15 questions -so one of them has an error.

You could check;

  • the form view has one or more correct answers selected depending on quiz type
  • the allocated points are against the correct and not the incorrect answer
  • the result slide has the only QB selected and no other 'quiz type slides' checked
  • each quiz option has a selected state