Final Test with two banks, branching depending on job title

May 29, 2014

I am creating a final test that contains branching to a particular question bank based on the learner's job title. Each question bank has 10 questions and the learner will only be completing one question bank based on their job title.

 I have my file set up to contain the following:

1)Cover page

2)Instruction pages

3)Job function page (Nurse or CSA) - branches you to a new scene depending on the job you picked

4)Confirmation page for the job function that you chose from previous page (Scene 2 and Scene 3)

5)Information page for job function that you chose

6)10 question draw/bank for scene you picked (Scene 2 and 3)

7)How to Score pages for scene 2 and 3

8)Score Confirmation Pages for scene 2 and 3

9)Score pages for scene 2 and 3

10)Overall Results slide that submits results depending on the path you picked (set this page to calculate results for: Selected Questions (3.2 and 4.2 banks), Passing score of 80%)

The file scores properly looking at the file in publish mode, however when it transmits to the LMS, it is cutting the score in half - for instance if I score 80% on the test, it transmits as a 40% on the LMS. I also tried to "fake" the LMS by setting each question to be 20 points each, in hopes that it would translate over properly, to the LMS but I got the same result as before 80% equates to 40%.

Any help, advice and/or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy and welcome to Heroes! 

You mentioned the file scores correctly when looking it in publish mode - do you mean just testing the published output locally or running through it in preview? 

When you've included multiple quizzes each with their own results slides, and then a cumulative results slide - you're option to combine them and report a score are detailed here:

  • User must pass each quiz:  Each result slide in your course represents a quiz.  Select this option if your users must pass each individual quiz to receive an overall passing result.  In this scenario, if a user fails any single quiz in the course, then they fail the entire course.
  • Combine points from each quiz:  Select this option if you want the scores from the selected result slides to be added together and re-evaluated as a single score.  Then assign the appropriate Passing Score percentage.  In this scenario, a user could fail one or more of the individual quizzes in the course and still pass the overall course as long as their cumulative score exceeds the passing score assigned here.

 If this course is behaving as expected when you preview or test the published output outside your LMS, it may also be worth reviewing this article on troubleshooting common LMS reporting/tracking issues. Specifically I would look at testing the course at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM Content. 

Also, here is a great thread on branching and quiz results within Storyline - and a lot of unique and cool solutions for how to set this up. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharon,

You can only track one results slide as mentioned - but you can combine the scores of multiple results slides so that they're all given equal weight if you'd like or ensure they pass all the quizzes. 

Did you review the linked forum discussion on branching where the user will only need to complete one quiz? I'd look at the examples there if you'll only have the user going through one of the quizzes. 

Keith Shull

This thread has solved a big problem for me...BUT there's still a question.

I have a file with 2 (branching) scenes. The user can take 1 path or the other, or both. There is one combined assessment, with 2 question banks (one QB for each scene), and 3 Results slides (one for each QB and one final Results slide for the combined score if they choose both scenes.)

The Review Quiz button for the two individual scenes' Results slides each work fine, but I'm having issues with the Review Quiz button on the final (combined) Results slide. If it's set to "calculate results for selected questions," the Review Quiz button works fine; I can review all the quiz questions (and that's what I plan to use). But if it's set to "calculate results for selected results slides" and the Review Quiz button on the combined Results slide, nothing happens. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this behavior with the "selected results slide" option.

Storyline 3, Update 5: 3.5.16548.0

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Keith!  It is likely going to depend on the "Next" button actions for the individual (branched) results slides.  When you click to Review from the final results slide, are you getting a review of either quiz?

If you can share your .story file, I'm happy to have a closer look!  You can quickly attach it to your reply in this discussion, or use this private link if it's sensitive.  Thanks.

Keith Shull


  • After completing just Scene 1, it works fine; I get the review slide for Scene 1. When I click the "Review Button," I can review the questions from Scene 1.
  • After completing just Scene 2, it works fine; I get the review slide for Scene 2. When I click the "Review Button," I can review the questions from Scene 2.
  • After completing both Scenes 1 & 2, I get the review slide for both Scenes 1 & 2, but when I click the "Review Button, nothing happens. I'm not able to review any of the questions.

I've attached my file, which is just an early mock-up at this point. Let me know what you find.



Crystal Horn

Thanks for attaching your .story file, Keith!  I really like how you controlled the navigation and quizzing - quite seamless!  

Your final results slide was tracking the results slides from scenes one and two.  If the learner chooses both sections, however, the navigation works to prevent them from visiting those results slides.  Since the learner never lands on either results slide, there's nothing for the final results slide to refer to.

I changed the final results slide to track all of the individual questions, rather than the other results slide.  Let me know if that works for you!

(edited to attach modified file)

Keith Shull


Yes - that works. As I mentioned in my initial post, that was what I plan to do.

What I was wondering was if there was a way to "calculate results for selected results slides" and make it work, and you've answered my question. The question in my mind was "Are the individual results slides (for Sc. 1 & 2) being populated w/ scores "behind the scenes" even when the user doesn't visit those slides? And if so, can the final results slide pull that data (even though the user hasn't visited those slides)?"  Apparently the user has to visit a results slide for the data to populate it.

So here's my takeaway:

If I want learners to be able to review the questions after seeing their score, select “calculate results for selected questions.”
If having the learners review the questions isn’t important, I can select either “calculate results for selected questions” or select “calculate results for selected results slides.” Be sure to remove the Review Quiz button.


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