Need a creative solution for multiple conditional tests in one SCORM 2004 course (SCO)

First, I know we can only submit one result to the LMS according to SCORM spec. But I'm looking for a creative solution to work around it. 

What we're trying to accomplish: There are three separate tests. 

Test 1 - Score >80% finished, <80% take test 2.
Test 2 - Score >80% finished, <80% take test 3. 
Test 3 - Score >80% finished, <80% Failed.

As you see, they get three chances to take the test. But, each test has a different bank of questions, so we can't use the retry function. We also have to track interactions from any and all tests taken. 

One thing that would make this feasible would be if we could control the results var but for some reason that is off limits. 

The challenge is there for the taking. It's not Excalibur but a worthwhile challenge nonetheless. 

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Matthew Bibby

You can use JavaScript to report whatever score to the LMS you want. See this recent discussion for details. Essentially, you make it so Articulate will never report the score (by making it impossible for the final slide to ever be reached) and then use JS to report the scores at whatever point you want.