Find fonts in SL3

Mar 01, 2018

I know there is a global "replace fonts" feature in Storyline 3, however, is there a way to find the instance where a particular font is used? 

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Tracy Daniel

This is something that I need as well. We have courses that may need to be republished every 1-2 years (sometimes without any changes). If we have a new computer or another team member is trying to republish, we may be missing some of the fonts.  I would like to see where the missing fonts are used to determine if we can quickly change the font in a couple places or if we need to download the missing font

Karen Siugzda

I have an immediate need for this also. A previously published project has come back with revisions. I no longer have that font on my system. I'm reluctant to do global "Find and Replace" to swap out all instances of the font because it's an icon font and I need to ensure the proper icon is being inserted. 

Fingers crossed this is an available option...



Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Karen!

While we don't currently have a "Find Font" feature in Storyline, there is a Replace Fonts feature will replace all instances of a certain font. 

I can see how a Find Font feature would be helpful, especially when using an icon font. I'll be sure your vote is added to our feature request!

Christiana Awojinrin

Same  vote here but for Storyline 360.  It does strike me as strange that you have a global font replacement function but no way of first viewing where the old font is currently used.   As mentioned above, where a font is used for an icon it may be dangerous to simply blindly replace the font with another as the new symbols may not match requirements.