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May 23, 2017

I know this is a long shot, but it would save me a lot of frustration. One of the courses I'm working on has some missing fonts that are not installed on my computer. I'm having trouble finding all of the places where those fonts are used. Is there any way to search the Storyline file, somehow, to locate every instance of those fonts? Or automatically change them to a different font? (I'd prefer to locate them rather than automatically changing them, so I can make sure the new font looks ok.)

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Hugh V

I'm using 360, I've got 2 fonts missing, showing up in red in the find and replace fonts area. I've been through the slides and can't find any missing font text. Is there a way to detect which slides the missing fonts are on? I've tried replacing with a really obscure font so they stand out but it doesn't actually replace them, they still appear in the list afterwards.

Ren Gomez

Hi Hugh, 

Sorry to hear you're coming across this issue! You may want to try reinstalling the font and rebooting per this discussion here

If you find yourself hitting a wall after trying either of those steps, feel free to connect with our support engineers, and they'll be able to provide tailored support in getting this sorted out!

Patty Zerneke


I have templates i have created for my group. I now am updating the templates and the fonts. I have done a find and replace the fonts, so all the fonts SHOULD be found and replaced. When i use one of the standard divider slide template as a new slide in a presentation, the slide opens, and I find I am typing in the older font that I thought I had replaced. When I check the Master Slide, the master slide has the new font. This is also happening in my quiz slides. Any thoughts on how I can find ALL of the older fonts and completely get rid of them/replace them with the newer font?  Thank you.


Ren Gomez

Hi Patty,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like the Find/Replace feature worked as expected in your file, but you're finding that as soon as you start typing, the old font appears, correct?

Is it possible that you have a Theme Font set that needs to be changed as well? Try re-setting this under the Fonts drop-down in the Design tab.


When you start typing, the new font should automatically start appearing.

Patty Zerneke

Thank you for that information. I tried to update the theme, removed all the older themes, and continued to get the same results. The master slides all showed the correct font, but when I applied that master slide to a new slide in a presentation, the older font came back.

I had to physically remove the offending font from my computer for the font to no longer show up in the template I created. Very odd.

Will continue to test and see what other results I come up with. Thank you again.

Katie Riggio

Hello Eric!

Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you need to replace the font used for the Japanese text, is that right?

If yes, an easy way is to use the find and replace feature. Simply choose the font you need to replace and the font you need to use instead, and Storyline 360 will do the rest!  

Here's how:

  1. On the Home tab, click the drop-down arrow next to Find/Replace. Choose Replace Fonts.
  2. Use the Replace drop-down to select the font you need to replace.
  3. Use the With drop-down to choose the new replacement font and then click Replace.
Here's a video demo to show you the above steps in action

Let me know if that helps!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Melanie!

Is this happening with multiple fonts or a specific font that you've changed back and forth?

I'd like our Support Engineers to work with you directly. I've opened a case on your behalf and escalated it to their team. You should've just received an email confirming the case, including an upload link if you're comfortable sharing your .story file. You'll hear from our team shortly!

Melanie Caughron

Just one, I got tired of the warning and downloaded the font in question, but I never saw where it was at and I went into every part of the file and clicked on text to find it since replace font did not work. If would be a great feature if you could go to where the the word in question was located to see where it was at exactly.

John Morgan

Hi, Michael!

Finding a font in your Storyline course is a great idea for a feature request and others think so too! A feature request has already been submitted for this. This conversation is being linked to that request, so if it makes it onto our feature roadmap, we’ll make sure to update you!

Thanks for reaching out!

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

yes, unfortunately storyline is to be used at all really efficiently. The only way is to access the story source file directly - and that is complicated and unfortunately not documented at all.

usually only the tedious time-consuming manual work remains - but this is the usual problem of wyswyg tools

Richard Slate

The program can obviously find fonts and yet that functionality is not available to the user.  There is NO WAY I am going to blindly change fonts in a 200+ slide project and this makes the replace fonts command effectively useless.

I haven't been using this program very long but when searching for help, I've seen ten year old posts about features that should ABSOLUTELY be included in the UI and a staff member says "make a feature request."  Ten years later, the feature is still not a part of the UI.

It's like going to the Microsoft site with a problem and see "This thread is locked." What that phrase really means is, "We know about it and we're not going to do anything about it."

So, users are left complain amongst themselves until one day, some brilliant soul develops a product that actually meets the users' needs and the old company is scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong.  At our company, we're seriously thinking of going back to Captivate.  It makes me sad because Captivate is like using the old WordPerfect. Word came along with no more Ctrl+Shift+? commands and poof!, they were gone. Your software is pretty good, but by listening to people who actually use it, your software COULD be great! Be great!