First Click vs. Second Click

Nov 17, 2012

Three objects on the slide (Object 1, Object 2, Object 3). If Object 1 is clicked first, Objects 2 and 3 change to 'State1'. So far so good. However, if Object 1 is clicked AFTER either of Objects 2 or 3 is clicked, I want 'State2' on objects 2 and 3. I'm trying to use a number variable, but I'm getting tangled in the weeds. Ideas?

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Jeff Nauman

Hi Phil.. and thanks as always for your insights. I've been chewing on this overnight and I realize that I'm not so much concerned about what happens IF something is clicked. Rather, my scenario involves state changes dependent upon the ORDER in which something is clicked and I realize I didn't do a good job of explaining. I always have the uneasy feeling that I'm over-thinking something that's painfully simple. I've tossed together a simple demo of what I would LIKE to do- if you have a minute, have a look. I've layered the demo, but thinking that my slide could be handled all in one spot using states and variables.



Phil Mayor

I dont think you need avariable, I think you can do this just using states and triggers

You could have a trigger on 1 that changes state of  2 and 3 to state 2  if 2 and 3 equal to normal

You could have a trigger on 2 and 3 that changes state of 1 to (pressed after) if 1 is equal to normal

You then have a trigger on 1 to change state of 2-3 to state 2 if state of 1 equal to "pressed after"

Something like that would work, I think

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