Can't get conditional next button to work - Must click all 3 objects

Dec 16, 2015

I have disabled the stock next/previous buttons, and am instead using a text box for them.  I have 2 states on each of the 3 objects to click: normal, and visited.  These 3 objects trigger audio.

On my next button trigger, I have:

Jump to slide

(have tried both "next slide" and specifically naming the next slide)

User Clicks

"Next Button"

On Condition:

Object 1 - Picture's state is visited

AND Object 2 - Picture's state is visited

AND Object 3 - Picture's state is visited


When I click the next button after clicking all 3 objects and letting the audio play out, nothing happens.  However, the previous slide button works when it's trigger is just "jump to slide previous when user clicks "previous button"

This is my first time working with conditions.. any ideas?

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