Set Next button to normal after all objects visited (objects jump to combination of a single layer and various slides)

Jun 07, 2023

I have five objects on a slide that I want the viewer to visit before being able to click "Next" to the next scene. 

Object 1 leads to a layer. Objects 2-5 lead to slides with their own layers. The layer and slides all have "Prev" and "Next" hidden and custom "Go Back" buttons.  The triggers for these work fine.

Other triggers:

- I disabled "Next" on the main slide with this trigger: When the timeline starts on this slide, set the state of Next Button to Disabled.

- I added a trigger: When the state of all of the vector graphics is Visited, Set the state of Next Button to Normal.

The player trigger says When the user clicks or swipes next, jump to slide (whatever).

When I preview or publish, once all the objects show that they were visited, the Next Button does not change to Normal. What do I do to make the Next button clickable? 


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