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May 17, 2019

Hello !

Please help me !

In the paragraph, "Email the launch URL to your mobile device or add it to a web page for easy access, then launch the URL in your mobile browser. It'll briefly open your mobile browser, then it'll immediately launch the content in the Articulate Mobile Player app. That's it!", what URL link are you talking about?

Thank you in advance for your answer


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Ian Tecson

Hi there Alice!

Below is a good discussion thread that you can read on on how to publish your course on a website or share it by email. I'm sure you'll find the inputs here helpful.

Hope this helps. 




Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alice! Once you publish your course, you'll need to upload it to either a web server or a learning management system. The URL you'll use is the one that points to your course on the site where you've uploaded it.

Check out this support article on publishing and sharing your Storyline 360 content!

Tip: If you don't need to make your course available for offline viewing, you generally won't need the Articulate Mobile Player. Here's more about publishing for mobile devices.

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