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Nov 29, 2013

Hi E-heroes,

I'm working on a fisheries activity while trying to get to grips with Storyline variables. I have attahced the activity I'm trying to trouble shoot.

There are two learning outcomes in this the correct legal size of the cod and the allowable number for a person to harvest.

Basically the user has to select the correct size fish and choose up to four only of these. Undersize fish trigger a too small layer to show.

A numeric variable adds one to the default every time a correctly sized fish is chose up to and = to 4. If the user tries to add any extra fish an overfishing layer will show.

Problem being that when the try again button is selected all the correctly sized fish already chosen are removed from the tank and the learner starts again.

I'd like to set it up so if a correctly sized fish is chosen it remains in the tank until the variable reaches 4. Any undersized fish should be rejected from the tank.

I'm still vary new to variables so would appreciate beginner level guidance on this task please.

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Mike Taylor

Hi Fiona! This is a really cool interaction.  One way you could keep all the fish that have been added to the tank is to set the slide properties from the base layer to "Resume Saved State" when revisiting.  

There isn't a built in way to leave the correct items in place and return the incorrect items. However this discussion is about how to do this same thing and it could give you some ideas for how you might approach it.

Another possible option which is more simple to implement would be to instruct your learners to remove the incorrect fish themselves. Is that a possible option. 

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