Fixed: Blurry Image after previewing and publishing.

Recently, I also get the same issue and I tried a lot to fix it. Only solution I find out is given as follows in few steps:

1. Do not crop or scale your image in Articulate Storyline.

2. If you want to resize the image. I better suggest you to use Adobe Photoshop for cropping and scaling.

3. Export the image from Photoshop as JPEG or PNG format and Import the image in Articulate Storyline. 

4. I repeat.. please do not scale or crop in Articulate Storyline. (if you are facing above issue.)

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Tom Kuhlmann

In an ideal setting, the image resolution isn't larger than the slide resolution. If it is (and you have to scale or crop to get it to fit) then you'll see some degradation as the image is scaled down to fit into the slide.

The options are to increase the story size to fit the image or decrease the image resolution to fit within the constraints of the slide size.

If you have to do fullscreen captures, I've found success bringing my monitor resolution down to do the fullscreen capture