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Jun 26, 2012


Does anyone know how to make a flash card effect in Storyline? I was able to do it in the presenter with the old powerpoint animation features so that when a person clicked on a picture the picture englarged, then the user would click again and it would turn over and show facts and then if the user clicked again it would flip back over.

Thank you!


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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, for one, you can create this one effect in Presenter and publish it out.  Find the SWF in the published output and import into Storyline.

In Storyline itself, I'd probably look at doing this with a triggered zoom on the slide for the first click.  Then use a transition to a new slide to try and approximate the flip.  Need to experiment . .

Gerry Wasiluk

No problem. :)

I created my own animation effect using 5 shapes and two layers.  I created the shapes in PowerPoint as, unfortunately, Storyline does not yet equal PowerPoint's graphics ability.  (something that is sorely needed, IMVHO.)

I've attached my .story file.  It was done in SL360 so you need that or SL3.  Should be pretty apparent what I did.  Pretty simple.

Hope it helps! :)

Gerry Wasiluk

Sharon and Peggy--glad it helped! :)

Here are a couple of other simpler things that I've done with playing cards using standard animations and layers.  It's from a much larger course and I can only show a small bit of it (and I cannot share the .story file).  If you launch it, click on the two room that the footsteps lead to. 

Hopefully, you can figure out the simple things that I did:  Two interactions with playing cards.

This course was something we converted from custom Flash programming into Storyline so I'm not the original author of the content, just the "re-creator."

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