Repeating Button Function

Aug 14, 2012

How do I create a button or other interactive object that will

repeat it's function over and over again on one slide.

For example, I have a button that will change the state of an image of

a picture of a bunch of strawberries to a picture of a single strawberry

with a nice animated grow effect.  This button works great, ONCE!  But  I

want the user to be able to press the button over and over again to get

the same animated effect of the images changing.

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Tom Lunzer

I have included the story file in this post.  It's pretty simple.  Click on the

"Change Image Button" on the left and the strawberries image will change.

Then click on the "Change Image Button" again.  Nothing happens.  I want the

user to be able to Click on that button and have the image change again, and again

and again. 

This is part of a solution for a much more complex project I have.

Tom Lunzer

Thanks for your work, you are very close to what I am looking for, but you have to click the button

an additional time to set the image back to it's original state, then again to switch to the 2nd image.

To show you a sample of what I am looking for I created a little Flash demo. I have included it as

an attachment, but in case you can't play it locally , here is a link..

You can see in this sample that every time you click on the button the image will do the same thing,

go to the first image, then to the second image automatically.

Brian Allen

It's odd, and I'm sure I'm missing something, but I don't seem to be able to accomplish this affect using triggers.

A very simplified way to do it is to add your strawberry graphics to button states.  One downside to this is that the strawberry itself becomes part of the clickable button, but that's not necessarily a show stopper.

The attached story file is almost there where you want it, but the problem I seem to be having with it is that the hover state doesn't go away when the button is in the down state.  I might play around with this later when I have more time.

Tom Lunzer

Thanks again for your help but it does not work for my solution.  I mentioned that creating a button that's function

can be repeated was part of a bigger project.  I will give you a sample of the real project that I am trying to do using

Articulate Storyline.  First here is a link to this type of project that I created in Flash.

Click  your mouse outside of the countries (the ocean).  Notice the "Incorrect Try Again" box pops up (grows in).

Click the ocean again, the "incorrect Try Again" button pops up again.  If you click anywhere except on the correct

country the "incorrect Try Again" will animate.  This way the user is clear he has selected the wrong area every time.

That is what I want to do in Articulate Storyline. Here is a link to my Articulate Storyline version.

Click your mouse outside of the counties (the ocean).  You will see the "Incorrect Try Again" animate (grow) in.  Now

click on the ocean (or any un-correct area).  Nothing happens. 

Here is an image with some explanation of the setup.

I have also included the story file.

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