Flash error on intranet/share drive

Feb 18, 2014

Hi everyone!

I am currently in the midst of developing various Storyline projects for my company, but one major problem remains:  we do not have an LMS. We are in the beginning phases of looking into implementing an LMS but we need a solution in the meantime.

Currently, I have some modules uploaded directly to the intranet (Sharepoint 2007, soon to be 2013), and some that are linked through Sharepoint to our shared drive, where they are located. However, we have been having numerous Flash errors (the dreadful exclamation point) in which users cannot finish the training. Why is this happening? I have tried some of the following techniques,

  • Deleted temporary internet files

  • Adjusted Flash storage settings

  • Made sure the most recent version of Flash was installed

but none seem to be working.

Is it better to upload the modules directly to Sharepoint, or provide access to them on Sharepoint when they are located on our shared drive? Will the use of an LMS for sure fix the Flash errors we are having, or is this a separate issue? I’ve done some basic research on the error but cannot find anything definitive as to why it is happening.

Articulate Online is attractive but I am looking at using the resources we already have at the moment in order to save money in preparation for an LMS implementation.

Any input into this problem would be GREATLY appreciated, as I am afraid we may be wasting our time in developing Storyline projects before we get an LMS.

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erika,

Are you experiencing the difficulties regardless of how you've linked it to Sharepoint?  I've seen other threads in regards to how you need to load the courses in Sharepoint, and it does seem to be very particular. 

If you're eventually thinking about hosting your content within an LMS, you may want to sign up for a free SCORM Cloud account, which is an industry standard testing site for SCORM content. Not only will it provide you with a location to host your content, but you'll be able to test how everything will/should work in an LMS. You'll also want to make sure that you're publishing for an LMS. 

HPL Training

Hi Ashley,

I'm experiencing difficulties in both ways; that is, when the content is actually uploaded to SharePoint and I link to it in a web part, and when I link to the story files outside of SharePoint on our shared drive. There have been no issues in accessing the files at first, but the Flash error exclamation mark pops up out of the blue and prevents the user from continuing.

A free account through SCORM Cloud or Articulate Online will be great for testing, but it is not a solution for me at the moment, with about 400 users needing to renew their mandatory training.

In terms of your last point...should I be publishing to LMS even when I'm uploading only to SharePoint and not an LMS?

Basically, I am unsure whether their is a Flash issue, a Storyline issue, or a SharePoint issue. Thoughts?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erika,

My apologies, I thought you were using Sharepoint as a testing platform until you implement your LMS. To help us narrow down where the issue is occurring it would help if you were able to test the course in another environment such as SCORM Cloud, or even the web servers listed here.  If the behavior is able to be replicated outside of Sharepoint, then we'll want to look into your Storyline file to do some additional testing. 

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