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Jan 27, 2016

Hi, our organization would like to get away from having to use a flash player, and are therefore urging us to not use any flash files. I understand that it's not possible for the swf files to be removed from Storyline, even when publishing to HTML5, because it still utilizes flash. Does Articulate have any long term plans to move to a different approach not using flash? What is your product roadmap with regard to this?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Darcy -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! Unfortunately, we do not announce product roadmaps or release dates for new products/features or updates.

You are always encouraged to share your thoughts by submitting a feature request here, as those go directly to our product development team.

Also, I'd suggest that you subscribe to the Word of Mouth Blog for updates on Articulate products, and also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date.


Thank you! Just checking -can you confirm whether what I said is correct, that it's not possible for the swf files to be removed from Storyline, even when publishing to HTML5, because it still utilizes flash? Do you know of a resource for me to which I can refer our IT department that describes how Articulate uses swf files and whether it's impossible to use Articulate (or, I suspect, any rapid Elearning tool) without using flash at this time?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Darcy -- Thanks for your reply, and in order to provide you with the most technically sound response available, I would actually like to put you in touch with our Support Engineers directly. I will go ahead and create a ticket for you based on the info in this thread, and you will be hearing from a member of that staff as soon as possible with a response. :)

Christie Pollick

Certainly, Darcy, and it looks like our Engineer, Miker, has replied in your case shortly after 1 pm with the following response:

"Thanks for contacting Articulate Support! Currently, Articulate Storyline doesn't support HTML5-only output. Flash output will always be included. Your learners will automatically see the best version for their device and browser. However, you can bypass the Flash output and force the HTML5 output to launch by default. See this article for details. Let me know if you need anything else!"

If for some reason you did not receive his response, please check your SPAM folder, and if you'd like to respond, simply reply to that email! :)

Amira A.

Hi Christie. We're currently in the same boat as Darcy, and this post was very useful.

Just wondering...I clicked on the link in Miker's response that you quoted in your last response in this thread, and it takes me to the general product support page. Could you confirm the exact location of the article to which that Miker was referring?

Thanks so much!

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