Flash questions

Sep 19, 2020

I purchased Storyline 3 in order to avoid the Flash problems that will come at the end of the year. Am I correct in understanding, that as I import my quizzmaker and engage from Studio 13 into Storyline3, that the flash issues are resolved automatically?

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Doug Bedinger

I have a workaround that was given to me by my Articulate case manager on this issue.  Here are the instructions that were given to me:

“As a workaround, you can publish the interactions with HTML5 support using Engage 13 and then import the resulting files to Storyline 3 as web objects. Here's a quick recording of how:

https://sharing.articulate.team/KouljElo “

Doug Bedinger

While trying to prepare Engage 13 interactions for use in Storyline 3, the Engage 13 player failed to work.  Instead I receive a flash logo with an i like this:

Player Not Working

This occurs when working in Engage 13 to configure the player and when trying to preview the interaction.  This also occurred when I created a new Interaction and when I created a new quiz in Quizzmaker.  This was not happening last week.  Not sure why this is happening now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.