Flat Design eLearning Template

Jun 18, 2013

Good Evening Community...

Thought I'd share my newest template that I've been working on for the past few days. We've had some discussion about "flat" design in the past here, and with Apple's recent departure from skeuomorphism, I thought it would be fun to play with the flat look and feel. 

Check out a working demo here.

Download the template here.

Also, if your'e interested, I also wrote separate blog post, which has some extra stuff about development of this template. 

Enjoy! Tim

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Teri Graves

Hello Tim:  I'm new to using Articulate Storyline. I love the flat design template, which I am adjusting for my particular content. I do not see on the timeline how you had all of the animations on your title screen fly out when the begin button is clicked. I do not see anything on the timeline and none of the title screen animations have exit strategies under animations. What's up? I would like to delete the exiting and instead just move onto the next slide with objectives. Can you give me advice on how to do this? Thanks so much! - Teri

Teri Graves

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience? 
I like the Flat Design entrance animation on the first slide and am able to change the color and text. But I can't see how to get to the exit animation to change the color and text of the graphics and text as they exit the screen. It's not set on up on the animation ribbon, btw.
The exit animation and text seem to be separate graphics and text all together - not the entrance animations and text that I have changed for my use.
Has anyone figured this out? 
Thanks, Teri

Teri Graves

Here is the .story file I am working on. Please see the attachment. You can see the problem in between slide "Completing the Worksheet" and slide "Question" Note that the Entrance is green and the text is mine, but the slide Exits as blue (the template default color) and I don't know how to get to it to change it to green - or just delete it. I appreciate your expert reply! Thank you!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Teri!

I'm not seeing where you have changed your Theme Colors for your project? Are you manually changing the slides? 

Also, the flash you are seeing is from a different slide and I'm not sure what the navigation order should be.

Be sure to update your theme colors to what you would like to work with and make the template more of your own. 

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